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Get Paid $20 with
User Testing! 

Do you have a knack for finding bugs? Love testing new apps or websites? If so, then you are in luck! Many websites will pay people to user test their sites and apps. They pay well too! This article is going to discuss 10 user testing sites, including how much they pay and what type of user tests they do. 

It’s no wonder these companies need help with testing – there are over 1 million active websites on the internet today! They usually will pay you about $20 an hour to test sites with tests often not taking the full hour. It’s a great deal for some extra cash. You will also get to explore new websites and apps as they come out.

What is a User Test or Usability Test? 

A user test or usability test is when a company pays people to try out their app or site and give their authentic opinions. They usually want you to go through certain scenarios and rate how simple things were for you to find on the site. They want to hear your thoughts, so you should speak constantly while user testing to give them the most value and get your tests approved. 

What do you need to user test? Not much. If you have a laptop or mobile device plus a quiet setting, you are basically already a user tester. 

# 1 Conversion Crimes

I’ll start off with the newest user testing site I’ve been working on, Conversion Crimes. These guys stand out as they are a new company and also give detailed feedback on your first tests. Even if they have some notes of what you could improve on, they still pay you. Their feedback will help you a lot in preparing for tests on other sites. 

conversion crimes user testing

Their tests range in payouts from $4-6 dollars for a 5-minute test to $8-10 for a 30-minute test.

You can test on mobile or desktop depending on the test and will need to install the VidGrid screen recorder. Their upload process has been smooth and quick for me so far. I also like that they have quite a few user testing opportunities I am qualified for. 

I’ve done a few super quick tests with them and already got paid out $30 to my Paypal account! They have a level-up system that will pay you more the more you prove you are a quality user tester. I love it! 

My Favorite Things about Conversion Crimes: Nice Dashboard, Great Feedback, Easy/Quick PayOut, Many Tests

conversion crimes user testing website

# 2 TryMYUI

I have been testing with TryMYUI for a few years now and have always had a pleasant experience. Answer all the task questions so they accept your test! On of my first tests with them, I missed the last task and won’t let it happen again! 

You will need to have the TryMYUI recorder application installed on your mobile or desktop. They pay $10 per test usually and payout to Paypal every Friday. 

The Coolest Thing about TryMYUI: They are now also doing live testing, which pays more. These tests involve talking to a live moderator as you go through a site. These typically pay between $15 and $30 per live test.

# 3 Playtest

This one is especially fun because it focuses on mobile gaming. You will play a game usually until a certain level and talk about your experience while you play. If you love phone games, these will be your dream user tests! 

Playtest will pay about $10 per 15-minute test and they pay via Paypal to residents of the USA, UK, and Canada. If you have kids, you can sign them up to take part in user tests with your supervision!

Extra Playtest Bonus: If you are a game developer, you can get your first mobile test for free! Get real users to user test your applications! 

playtest user testing games apps

# 4 Testing Time

Testing Time is a little different as there is not a real user test board or dashboard to see current tests. Once you sign up, they will email you if a test fitting your profile comes up. They also noted that you should follow them on social media. They sometimes only post the tests on their social sites.

The pay at Testing Time is good, clocking in at up to $50. Just while writing this blog post, I completed a quick survey about cryptocurrency. It made me 5 Euros in 5 minutes. Not too shabby. 

Some of their tests may be online as usual, or on-site at a company. I think it’s worth it to sign up and wait for an email from them. 

Some tests are online, and some tests are even on-site.

The Downside to Testing Time: Irregular Tests & No Clear Dashboard of User Tests 

testing time user testing website

# 5 UserBrain

You will need to download (yet another) application, the Userbrain Recorder, to take part in these user tests. Wouldn’t it be nice if all these companies could just use one recorder!? I know my dwindling laptop memory would thank them.

Pay is $5 per 5-20 minute test. I haven’t used this one yet but will update as I do!

Negatives: $ Low Pay $ 

# 6 IntelliZoomPanel

Again with the recording software! You will download UserZoom’s testing software before getting started. They pay around $10 per test and sometimes $2 for surveys. You will need to complete a practice test before getting offered paid surveys. They have cute little monsters but no current tests… 

intellizoom user testing

# 7 UTest

The UTest platform has a quick and painless sign-up process. I just signed up today. They had quite a few projects on the project board in different places around the globe. I will update what comes of the test I just signed up for.

One Thing That Stands Out about UTest: They pay you for the preliminary qualification test. (Most sites make you do it for free) 

# 8

This is by far one of the most popular and well-known user testing websites out there. If follows the general outline of other sites that you must download their software and will be paid about $10 per test. I have seen many complaints about this site not offering many testing opportunities. However, many people have also been successful on this site. Be patient and wait for a good test to come your way. 

# 9 UserFeel

This is one I will test out shortly. I feel it has a lot of promise to be an excellent platform. They have the standard pay of $10 per 10-20 min test on desktop or mobile.

Like most sites, there is no guarantee that you will get a test right away or often. Your best bet is to sign up for multiple sites and treat this money as nothing more than an interesting side hustle. 

Hire me to test your website here.

# 10 EnrollApp

I am not very interested in this user testing site and you probably shouldn’t be either. The only redeeming quality of this site is some strange story about blasting a cow to the moon. Looks like if I answer 1000 poll questions for free, my cow will move across the line to the moon? I’m not sure.

Anyway, on sign-up, I don’t see any tests on the dashboard. There are lots of polls you can take, but they don’t seem to be paid… I’m going to have to recommend a hard pass on this one. 

Bonus User Testing Site: UserCrowd

There are so many user testing sites, I couldn’t keep this list to the 10 sites. Here is one with a slightly different payment structure. With UserCrowd, you will earn credits for each test (about 2 credits per response). One credit equals $0.20 and you can get payouts to PayPal once your account hits $10. 

Big Plus: UserCrowd makes it easy to get notified with push notifications to your browser so you can get to the test first.

usercrowd user testing

How to be Successful at User Testing?

1) Sign up for many sites as all of them have very irregular test opportunities
2) Make sure you are in a quiet setting so you don’t have audio issues
3) Always give your honest, authentic, true opinion about the site or app 
4) Pay attention to emails and notifications from these sites so you can swipe the test before other testers. 
5) Have fun with it! It is a pretty fun side gig that also brings a good amount of money per hour. It takes almost zero effort and you get to explore cool apps sometimes 🙂 

If you get some experience with User Testing, you can easily offer your services on Fiverr and charge much more than $10 per test.  

Check out my post here for 3 ways to make money using Fiverr.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the top sites to make money by user testing websites and apps! If you have questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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