The UP Dimensions:

We created the Unparalleled Dimensions based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This is a psychological theory of human motivation. The framework is most often depicted as a pyramid, but here we use a mountain for extra motivational effect. Let this mountain be a symbol for your journey toward self-actualization. 

Always Stay Going Up!  

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My Story

Hi, I’m Rachel, an Innovation Ninja on a mission to change the world. I have always been a psych nerd and learned about Maslow’s hierarchy during my time at the University of Maryland. Over time, I incorporated it into my personal growth journey. (It has been a long one!) My passion for travel gave me a hunger for location-freedom, while my obsession with tech showed many paths toward financial abundance. I’m definitely not at the top of my mountain but have come a long way. I created Unparalleled Dimensions to share the knowledge I’ve found so far.   


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Climb Your Mountain

  • Physiological

    These are your survival needs. This level includes all the basics; water, food, shelter, air, clothing, and sleep. Our focus here will be on maintaining healthy habits, clean eating, and fitness. 
  • Safety Needs

    These needs are all about feeling secure in your environment and relationships. It is about feeling a sense of structure. Our focus will range from emotional security to financial security. We will also touch on staying safe in the world. 

  • Connection

    These are the love and belongingness needs. You want to feel love and feel you have a place in the world. This is where we dive into interpersonal relationships and community. 

  • Esteem

    This level is where you gain high self-esteem and also feel a sense of accomplishment with respect from others. It involves finding success in your field, mastering your craft, and raising your self-worth.  
  • Self-Actualization

    This is the peak of your mountain. It means reaching your true potential and finding new avenues for personal growth. It takes a lot of motivation and a solid growth mindset to achieve this level. Keep going up step by step and you will find yourself at the peak. Enjoy the view from here! 


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