“If you use your mornings well, you have learned the value of life.”
You might have seen this inspirational quote floating around on Instagram. I swear by this quote. Waking up early with a healthy and productive morning routine helps me prioritize and synchronize the day.
I spent my twenties staying up till early morning and waking up late. On days when I had to work early, I felt tired and cranky. Now in my thirties, I enjoy living a less chaotic and simpler life. My body goes into low battery mode post 9 pm and by 11 pm, I am fast asleep. Before COVID-19 hit the market, I used to go out running at 6 am. And now, I try to work out at home in the evening

Becoming the
Best Version of Myself

Early this year, I promised myself to change my life for good. And I am not letting COVID come in my way. I will make sure that 2020 is a game-changer in my life. Working hard towards that goal fills me with joy every day. My morning routine plays an essential role in my life. I believe that my morning habits will take me far.
If I can convince even one person to explore the magic of the morning air, I will be happy. Here is a sneak peek into my productive morning routine that has me feeling joyful to experience the day.

My Productive
Morning Routine:

pouring masala tea morning routine


Welcoming the Sun

Trying to wake up before sunrise is my daily goal. I believe Sun has immense power and I like to give my respect to the Sun while it is rising. I also do sun salutations at times. Sometimes I feel lazy and I skip it.


500 ml Warm Water

I like to hydrate my body immediately after waking up. It just makes me feel so refreshed and sets me up for the day.


Journaling and Visualization

This is the most important aspect that dictates my entire day. To-dos, gratitude lists, etc. I love a list and the ticks are so satisfying. I also write about ten things that I am grateful for. I picked up this habit while reading Rhonda Byre’s The Magic.


A Spoonful of Immunity

I kick-start my morning by eating half a teaspoon of dry chunky paste made from neem, kokum, and cumin seeds. These are all ancient Indian superfoods and I don’t know their English names.


Soaked Nuts

Eating overnight soaked almonds and black raisins gives me a healthy boost. 



Hot Masala Tea

I never start my day with tea or coffee. They always come 15 minutes after I have soaked nuts or a banana. Post having a hot chai, I am ready to kick-start my day and I open my laptop and phone. 


What I Want to Add… 

Meditation and shower plus getting fully dressed (that includes wearing a bra). 
So how are you starting your mornings? What’s on your productive morning routine list? 

arti dani journalist author at race

About the Author

Arti Dani is a journalist. She loves movies and running. She has interviewed some of the leading film personalities of the world, including Will Smith. She currently manages her blog, Story of Fitness, a wellness and fitness platform to celebrate inspiring health stories of ordinary humans who lead extraordinary lives. 
“I love a list and the ticks are so satisfying.”

-Arti Dani
Story of Fitness

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