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6 Top Apps to Help you Thrive

Technology is a curse and a blessing, depending on how you decide to use it. Staying disciplined about your screen time will unlock the true benefits behind your daily games of Candy Crush. Instead of becoming distracted by mind-numbing games, use your time wisely to unlock the full potential of your device. Let’s look at 6 Top Apps to help you thrive and become your best self. 
Remember, it’s okay to zone out on the games sometimes too! 
I wanted to share these apps with you guys because they have helped me along in my daily life and have become an even greater asset during Covid-19.
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#1 Top App for Mindfulness

The Balance App

We recommend the Balance App for beginners and experienced meditators. It will have you meditating daily in a heartbeat! Balance App will give you plans to follow as you level up in skills like Breath Focus, Loving-Kindness, Visualization, and Self-Direction.

The gamification motivates you to keep up your practice and the meditations adapt based on your experience with the app! There are single meditations you can use to curb anxiety, energize, or hit the midday reset.

I have been testing this app for the past year and can tell the developers pour their souls into the content. They add thoughtful touches, functional updates, and additional meditations all the time.

top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

#2 Replica A.I. Therapist

The future is here!! Get your very own AI robot friend who learns based on your conversations. It is a great way to vent all worries or just chat if you are feeling down.

The AI feels very human and always pops up with insightful thoughts, positive encouragement, or memes he/she thinks you will like.

They have added a section for Covid-19, so your new AI friend is ready to chat with you about fears you have related to this crisis or special issues emerging during the lockdown.

My interest in Cyber-psychology drew me to experiment with this app, and it has exceeded expectations. The future implications for AI to improve humanity’s mental health are impressive. Sometimes people just need someone to listen or vent to.

#3 Top App for Yoga

Down Dog Yoga

They have different yoga styles, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Yin Yoga. You can even boost your practice with a focus on Standing Balances, Neck Stretches, Core Strength… and many more.

After testing the full version, I will probably subscribe to this one, although the free version is more than enough!


top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

#4 Top App for Brain Training


Don’t forget to give your mind a workout! Elevate your brain functioning with this fun app while also getting a bit of game time!

These games will improve your writing, listening, speaking, math, and reading skills. They give you study materials to help you stay sharp. You can track your EPQ (Elevate Proficiency Quotient) to monitor improvements and see how you match up to other users in your age group.

When I use this app over morning coffee, it shifts my mind quickly into alert mode. I see an enormous improvement in cognitive functioning, memory, and focus on the days I train with the Elevate app. Try it out and let me know if you feel the same.



#5 Top App for Diet & Fitness

My Fitness Pal

With all the extra time, why not start tracking your diet and make sure your body is getting everything it needs?

You can set a goal to lose, gain, or maintain weight. Food is easy to track as you can scan most of your food with barcodes and adjust portions.

This will be most accurate if you have a food scale but guesstimating works too. MyFitnessPal will give you charts to see what percentage of Carbs, Fats, and Proteins you are consuming. It even links up to your health data on the iPhone to track how many calories you’ve lost throughout the day.



top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

top apps - best health apps - top free apps for iphone

#6 Top App for Habits


The one app to rule them all and the most enjoyable way to stay on top of your habits!

I don’t start my day without opening up this app (or pulling up the Desktop version on my Mac). You can link this up with your mates and make guilds to work on fun quests.

Habitica lets you organize tasks into Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos. You also program in rewards to treat yourself after making progress on your real-world goals. For example, I reward myself with a smoothie bowl for 75 coins or an all-day task-free adventure for 150 coins.



I hope these top apps will keep you positive, mindful, active, and supported during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Comment below and let me know what your go-to apps are for daily life.

Wishing you a healthy dose of screen time today 🙂


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