The Quest for the Best Travel Bag…

… can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, like price, size, weight, and features. What type of trip will you be taking? How often will you use it? Is your budget under $100 or over $200? These are all questions you need to ask before making your final decision on which travel bag is best for you. Today I am going to feature my all-time favorite travel bag. It took a lot of research before I finally dropped money on it, and I could not be happier with my decision. After the feature, we will check out a few runner-up travel bags that may suit your needs. Without further ado, I present you with…

Nomatic Life on the Move

The Top 3 Best Travel Bags

My Favorite: The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag $289.99

Nomatic has been around for a while and has a reputation for making the best high-quality travel bags. They are still relatively affordable and worth the investment if you travel a lot or live nomadically. Nomatic Travel Bags will be with you for the long haul through city trips and more rugged adventures.

So let’s jump in and look at what the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag offers!
Nomatic Bag Features… there are a lot…
  • Lightweight at 3.42 lbs but still heavy duty
  • 15 Pockets and Compartments!!
  • 40L Capacity: It has ample space but can still be a carry-on. I’ve used this as my carry-on item on countless flights and it has never been an issue at all! You just have to be careful with weight on some airlines (ahem…AirAsia) that are super stingy with weight requirements.
  • Built like a tank! The material is hardcore and water-resistant so that heavy rain will not even come through the zippers. I am pretty rough on my travel bags, but this one can take it all. (Check photo on left for minor wear and tear after nearly 2 years of use.)
  • Waterproof water bottle pocket (so your leaking water bottle doesn’t ruin your laptop…it’s happened to me before!)
  • Laptop sleeve AND Tablet sleeve
  • Comes with a mesh laundry bag that is perfect for hanging on the hotel door. It zips closed, so it’s easy to grab it for a motorbike ride to the laundry. I even use this laundry bag as my daily socks and odd shirts holder.
  • RFID Safe Pocket for your cards and passport
  • Removable waist straps for extra support when on a long voyage. I have still not tested this bag as a backpacking bag. You probably want a framed bag for backpacking trips. Still, this travel bag is pretty supportive and easy on your back.
My Only Negatives:
The design of this bag is rather boxy. This is just a function of it holding a ton of stuff. If you care about having a slimmer type of design, it might not be the best fit for you. Also, In the main compartment, there are no dividers pre-installed in the bag. You can remedy this by using the Nomatic Packing Cubes or your own packing cubes. I solve this by using the Nomatic Vacuum Bag as one section, my Peak Design toiletries bag as another, and my drone case as the third. This organization keeps my stuff in order and easy to find.

Who Should get the Nomatic Travel Bag? 

Nomatic lists this bag on their site as being for trips of around 3-7 days. I would push that number even further into the month range. Especially if you are a minimalist, you can easily fit your life belongings into this thing! (I know I do!) I’m talking about more clothes than you need, tech gear, toiletries, and notebooks. Again, this would be if you are very minimalist. If you just lean towards minimalist travel, you could get away with this bag plus a normal-sized backpack for long-term traveling.  

Will you need any extras? 

Nomatic sells a wide range of accessories, camera bags, and packing cubes. You can configure your setup to what works for you! I would highly recommend Nomatic’s next-level Vacuum Bag. It will change the way you think about travel vacuum bags. The best part? No vacuum required! It is sleek and can triple your packable clothes. I have even used the Vacuum Bag as a stand-in for a beach bag. The rolled access makes it easy to keep sand out. If there’s anything I’m more obsessed with than the Nomatic Travel Bag, it’s this little gem. 

Runner Up: The Wandrd HEXAD Access Duffel $269.99

I also am drawn to Wandrd’s Hexad Access Duffel Bag. It has excellent features, especially if you are super into photography and need to carry camera equipment with extra safety. 

Wandrd HEXAD Access Duffel Features: 
  • A bit more space than the Nomatic bag with 45L Capacity while still comparable in weight (3.9 lbs)  
  • Laptop Sleeve with lots of padding 
  • Backpack Straps you can remove 
  • Side access pocket, perfect for swinging your bag over and grabbing your camera quickly. Don’t miss a shot! 
  • RFID pocket to secure your passport
  • For trips of 3-5 days (again, forever if you are minimalist enough!) 

Who Should get the HEXAD Access Duffel? 

I recommend this bag over the Nomatic Bag if you fit into two categories. First, it is better for travelers that want that extra 5L of space. Second, if you are a photographer and want seamless access to your gear safely tucked away in the camera pocket, you can’t beat the easy accessibility of this bag. 

Notable Mention: The Peak Design 45L Bag $299.95

Peak Design is another travel bag company that will give you a lot of value. This bag can morph into any size you need, from a 35L day trip bag to a 45L travel bag. The versatility means you won’t need to add an extra day pack to your packing list. You can also access this bag from virtually every angle; top, front, rear, and side access pockets. Peak Design 45L Bag comes complete with shoulder straps and a hip belt. 

Which travel bag do you like so far? 

All three bags offer a lifetime guarantee and come feature-packed with more pockets than you will know how to handle. In my Nomatic Bag, I even have a dedicated pocket for my vitamins and yet another for collecting receipts. That’s how many little spots there are! There is a perfect little corner for your keys, so you aren’t rummaging around for them when returning home.

They all have similar price points, so your decision will come down to style and personal use. Close to $300 is not a lot to spend for a bag that will be like your best friend, occupying you around the world for years to come!

During an adventure, you want a bag that meets Unparalleled criteria: 

  • It has to keep your stuff safe and dry. 
  • It has to keep you organized. 
  • Feel good wearing it.

Choosing the best travel bag is a crucial decision because it can make your trips go much smoother. Good luck with your travel bag hunt! I’m happy to have found my forever bag with the Nomatic 40L and I hope you find your perfect bag soon.

Why not try Nomatic? 

Let me know your favorite travel bag in the comments!


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